Another Wave of Infamy Attacks

As usual, Radio Marti joins the slandering campaign and tries to steal the show in its effort to damage Cuba with its usual repertoire of lies and distortions, even if it means losing the most basic human principles along the way. Maybe it is not only the dollars what Radio Marti is after; maybe they are still incubating that fantastic and crazy dream of returning to a post-Castro Cuba, as they often say, and occupy advantageous positions and posts  in a USA-style democracy. Who knows!

But Cuba was not the only one attacked for becoming a member of the Human Rights Council; they also slandered the UN saying that it was an example of inequity and that the actions of the organization contradicted what is stated in the UN Charter.

Regardless of the well-known problems of passivity and organization that undoubtedly undermine true democracy, the manipulation of the information becomes pretty obvious and extremely curious: depending on the circumstances and objectives of the recalcitrant Miami-based rightwing they attacked the UN when its General Assembly, for example, voted overwhelmingly against the criminal blockade of Cuba, and now they are attacking it again because Cuba, a free and independent country, is elected to the Human Rights Council.

However, U.S government causes death and destruction everywhere in an unprecedented evil crusade in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya and they choose a more offensive silence. In this case, the UN does not deserve any negative criticism, one must be silent for the emperor and his acolytes do not bother.

In this degrading show co-starring Radio Martí were interviewed “independent” journalists- men and women of dubious morals-, the director of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Florida and, of course, Ileana Ross-Lethinen, the federal representative for the Southern State, also joined.

To this list of anti-Cubans should be added Reporters without Borders, a nongovernmental organization that claims to defend freedom of expression. However, it has not ceased attacking the governments of Cuba and Venezuela ever since it was created while it remains silent in the face of the war crimes committed by the so-called Western Democracy. Reporters without Borders is financed by the National Endowment for Democracy, which is really a screen office of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

What comes next is a brief summary of what the abovementioned characters have said: in her usual foul language, Ros Lehtinen argued that the U.S. should withdraw immediately from the Council and not contribute more with economic funds, calling Cuba a state that sponsors terrorism and flagrantly violates human rights. They said that many personalities have called the inclusion of Cuba in the Council ironic and cynical.

They has gone on to attack Viet Nam because, in their words, it does not qualify in the defense of human rights and civil liberties – but the United States does, even if it attacked Vietnam using Napalm and the victims are still suffering the consequences of such barbarism. It is like seen Al Capone prosecuting honesty and violence.

Evil and goodness are more polarized today than ever. Cynicism and reason, truth and hypocrisy, shadows of selfishness and lights of human solidarity seem to co-exist in the world today. There is no doubt; Cuba should continue building roads to defend the human race and their rights.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

Revised by ESTI


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