The rich ones demand, the others obey

But, they, of course, such “American virtues” go further, and perhaps macabre shadow the world extend, for both the White House and Congress and many other honorable “democratic” institutions, such as the CIA and the Pentagon, is cooked actions to curb progressive processes that people yearn to live decently, without foreign tutelage.

Certain statements in prestigious personalities as clearly reveal the great injustice that prevails in the land of opportunity, the same nation that must follow the people “in search of peace and prosperity.” Let words of the famous economist Joseph Stiglitz: “Virtually all US senators, and most of the representatives of the House, to be elected, are part of the 1% of the richest population of people. They are protected in office for the money than 1%, and they know that if they serve well to 1% will be rewarded by 1%. The great power of 1% is what characterizes the functioning of the American system. “

According says Manuel E. Yepe, prestigious Cuban journalist specializing in international politics, “The US Congress is dominated by a majority of senators and representatives who are millionaires, with such fortunes are on average 14 times higher than the average American. This means that the people’s representatives have no contact with the majority “To this I add that this is the main reason why they think and act for the benefit of the most opulent and the system that creates it. It is obvious that a rich thinks in their millions in the hunger of the dispossessed of humanity.

But this situation is not manifested only in the US territory, the fact is that its tentacles reach into the world and is the biggest danger! If we consider that such a millionaire Congress is able to trace laws that involve a real affront to the execution, decorum and dignity of many peoples whose governments refuse to obey his orders harmful.

This is the case, as examples, the criminal blockade imposed on Cuba for over half a century, the Cuban Adjustment Act that protects and encourages illegal emigration. Sure, it would be an endless list of actions and extraterritorial laws which, quite naturally, promoted to “fight for democracy and human rights”.

Who at this point is still incredulous; simply direct your eye to what happens now in the United States to the electoral campaign for the presidency. One candidate, billionaire caveman named Trump, flying frankly fascist ideas, and already has the support of major economic empires of that nation. So you can imagine the times to come if he is elected president.

A religious rightly say “God help us”. For these gentlemen of savage capitalism and craves everything summed up in one word MONEY. Money above the law and reason, money regardless of the millions of hungry, money dodging look at children who die under their bombs. Does not matter. To these gentlemen selfishness is the basis for development. Our Apostle “José Maró” consigned him in one of his maxims: “The theft, abuse, immorality are under such enormous fortunes”.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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