Camagüey: neurosurgeon brought his experience to US hospital

This transpired during a recent exchange with reporters prestigious medical Camagüey several media, interested in knowing the contributions from this experience.

Montejo, who is attributed, among other merits, one of the initiators in Camagüey endoscopic surgery minimally nervous system, explained that the exchange was higher dividend practice and observation activity pediatric surgery, a specialty extremely expensive in the world and constantly develop minimally invasive procedures.

As said, the reception of American colleagues was very good and in this context the quality of the Cuban School of Medicine, forge of professionals who have revolutionized this field of science was recognized.

I am very happy for this opportunity, which also translates into benefits for the pediatric hospital in Camaguey from the donation of several texts updated on Neurosurgery and an expensive team  , so we are very encouraged by having these tools as necessary for the development of the specialty, he confessed.

With this trip to the United States fulfilled the expectations I had: to establish scientific coordinate on issues that are part of my doctoral thesis, to achieve an approach to clinical manifestations and treatment of epilepsy, and learn more about new approaches care of minimal access surgery endoscopically, he said.

In the interviewee opinion, the greatest challenges of Cuba in the area of neurosurgery are focused on achieving access the diagnostics and surgical treatment of last generation, such as video endoscopic surgery, in which the country has gained with the resource acquisition and training of highly qualified personnel.

As part of a joint work with Central American countries, doctors at Children’s Hospital of Neurology Miami expressed interest in traveling to the island and visit Camaguey pediatric hospital, to strengthen cooperation ties between Cuba and the US scientific community.

With 58 years old, Dr. José Montejo Montejo, born in an area near the town of Redemption in the municipality of Minas, is currently Assistant Professor at the Carlos J. Finlay Medical University of Camagüey; second degree specialist in Neurosurgery, Master and Doctor of Science candidate.

He assumed the presidency in 2014 the Provincial Group of Neurosurgery, is a member of the American Federation of Pediatric Neurosurgery and has participated in several conferences of this specialty in countries like Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and the US (Alex López Almaguer / Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo:

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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