Cuba to Host Debates on Gender and Communication in Latin America

In conversation with ACN, Rosa Maria Perez, president of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators, an institution co-sponsoring the meeting, said that this will be a favorable space for socializing research works and raise awareness of respect for the family in general.

She commented that for two decades the Association of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) and the Federation of Cuban Women have convened this Latin American Meeting, which takes place every two years and brings together experts, activists and fighters for equality.

Perez, also head of the Inter-American Confederation of Public Relations, highlighted the economic, physical, sexual and reproductive empowerment achieved by Cuban women. However, she said that there are still sexist stereotypes and patterns threatening their autonomy.

Those wishing to participate can find registration details for both Cubans and foreigners on the UPEC Web site 

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