Eduardo Rosillo, the golden voice

When we hear “Radio Progreso, the wave of Joy”, one of the identifying logos of the issuing of the Cuban family embodied in the famous announcer’s voice, it is difficult to think that definitely get his post in front of a microphone, many stories they wove his life. It was confirmed that the speech was his thing but how to make themselves heard?.

Eastern Cuba is proud to be the protagonist of the first steps of Eduardo Rosillo in the world of radio. And that is when the station founded in La Maya is moved to Las Tunas, also Rosillo do, and decide later start in CMKC from 1953, when the assault on the Moncada Barracks accelerated its entry into the plant in Santiago de Cuba.

A shift occurred in the life of this speaker in 1958 when he moved permanently to Havana. Already I had a little experience but this earned him in those early years of adaptation to reach the capital.

Some years ago, Rosillo had that upon arriving in Havana we were unable to obtain a permanent contract, but his voice helped him get ahead; not as expected, but one that opened the door to return to the radio.

“I spent working on loudspeakers car announcing chicken restaurants, pharmacies on duty, piqueras car. It was mentions and jingles for commercials local stations. One of these spots they heard in the Advertising Yenen. They were looking for a speaker, which again was the product being aboriginal women going to the market. I went and recorded mention Defensol it was a painkiller and I also spent a sight to be counted, “he said in an interview with journalist and researcher Josefa Bracero.

Rosillo was also a policeman. 1049 recognized as the caretaker of the National Revolutionary Police, he walked the streets of Havana in a car speaker explaining traffic laws, for which he served his unfinished studies of law. It was precisely conferences transit which inserted it back into the world of radio.
“One day, is the corner of Galiano and Zanja, lecturing traffic, I heard the Commander Samuel Rodiles, Inspector General of Police. He had liked what made the car and suggested to Tomasevich that work is done by radio”.

CMQ Radio was the station that gave the green light to the project Rosillo, a space that later happened to the television spectrum and thus opened to become famous announcer of Radio Progreso, his greatest desire.

From 1963 until shortly before his death in 2015, Eduardo Rosillo was an active member of the issuing of the Cuban family; this as a sign that when talent and effort are united, dreams come true.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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