U.S. Delegation Visits Cuba’s University of the Arts

At the center of higher studies, about to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its founding, executives, intellectuals, artists and writers held exchanges with professors and students during a tour of the center.

Margo Lion, theater producer and co-chair of the Presidential Committee, said during a meeting there that coming to the ISA meant an inspiration, since she could observe the interest and respect that Cuba has for its artists and creators.

I think we there can be a wonderful cooperation between our countries and exchange ideas, experiences and opportunities, she added at the end of the tour of the university, which currently has a total of three thousand students in its various pre and postgraduate courses.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to make this trip and visit the University; I think we should do something like this in the United States, concluded the renowned producer of musicals in Broadway, New York.

SA rector Rolando Gonzalez emphasized the importance of creating cooperation bonds based on respect for the cultural differences of both peoples.

Our countries have many differences, but also have points of contact, and the will to build a future according to the peoples and art is possible, she added at the end of the tour of this artistic center, which in 2015 received about 140 visits of U.S. delegations.

For the next few days the delegation has on its agenda debates with filmmakers, fine art creators, students and other members of Cuba’s civil society.

Institutions like Havana’s Grand Theater, the National Fine Arts Museum and the so-called Factory of Cuban Art, will receive in their halls this advisory body of the White House, which works directly with the main agencies related to culture, as well as with other federal entities and with the private sector.(acn)


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