Brazil and the Imperial Recipe

And now, as we all know the final shot is intended to return to the fold of yesteryear and squashing the impetuous economic and social progress under Lula’s government and continued by Dilma. The imperial methods no longer cause astonishment by discrediting both progressive figures by false accusations; create a whole network of media war to achieve this and, of course, count on the unconditional support of the opposition and gentry.

In my humble opinion they should define the two main causes for this onslaught against the government of Brazil. On the one hand, it is clear that there is a crusade globally today against any government that attempts to depart from the imperial beaten path, say Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Argentina (which is already suffering the Wolf bites) and other countries, as a result of the obvious anaemia called neoliberalism, the FTAA disaster and natural craving to get rid of the vassalage that much suffering and inequality has caused our fraternal peoples.

It is the outrageous logic of the imperial master, if you are with us you have no problems if you do otherwise you deserve a punishment for you to come back to my flock.

But not to mention another cause, no less important and defined by a single word, greed, unbridled and forever. We must not forget that nature has been generous with Brazil; it is among the first nations with a surprising economic potential; It is the 5th country in surface area; It has more than 200 million people; It has immense natural resources, particularly in the Amazon; and oil fields with an estimated 80 billion barrels.

The imperial thinking is unjust and cruel by nature, yet it is simple: the great wealth of the world is theirs by design and therefore we must not give it up, conquer by any method, whether with bombs or so-called “soft coups”, to which we referred in the Portal of the Cuban Radio.

Definitely, for some years the United States has observed a wave that is becoming larger, consisting of a bundle of people thirsty for justice, who are not resigned to being meek and obedient vassals; They want to be worthy, respected, taking the place that, by law, belongs to them, to transit through other paths of brotherhood and human solidarity.

The northern neighbour will never get used to this condition, therefore there is no alternative but to resist, fight and, above all, unite as the brothers we are. Do not expect anything from the neighbor, because there is always something behind the curtain. People who submit, perish.” Jose Marti.


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