Cuban Youth Carry Out an Event vs. US Blockade

The main venue of the event will be the University of Havana, where several locations were arranged to denounce the U.S. siege from the social networks and through visual arts, music and sports.

According to Joan Cabo, a member of the National Secretariat of the Cuban Young Communist League, sports figures will hold meetings and competitions with students at the University stadium.

Also, a giant canvas was placed at the stairs of the University of Havana so attendees can write messages and other initiatives, and exchange with exponents of Cuban fine arts, he added. A musical event will take place at the University of Havana’s Cadenas square, Cabo said. He stressed that literature and cinema will also be represented.

Simultaneous events of solidarity with Cuba and condemning the blockade will be parallel carried out in other parts of the world, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples reported.

In September 2016, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) presented to the press a report addressed to the UN General Assembly on the necessity of ending the U.S. economic, financial and commercial siege.

According to the governmental entity, that measure has caused, in nearly six decades, several damage to the Caribbean nation exceeding $753,668 billion USD, an amount calculated through certified methodologies by U.S. institutions and the consideration of the value of gold.

This edition of the report will be presented on October 26 at the UN General Assembly for discussion by the 25th occasion. Last year’s vote concluded with 191 countries in favor of Cuba and only two against, the United States and Israel.


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