Dominican Patriot Máximo Gómez Example Highlighted in Cuba

The Dominican ambassador to Havana, Joaquín Gerónimo, one of the speakers at the forum, pointed out that ‘Máximo Gómez is the highest symbol of historical unity between the Dominican and Cuban peoples’

Gómez, who won the title of El Generalísimo for his consistent military leadership in the Mambí Army, participated in the so-called 10-Year War (1868-1878), the first Cuban anti-colonialist gestation, and supported a new insurrection attempt called the Guerra Chiquita (1879-1880).

Subsequently, with José Martí and Antonio Maceo, he became involved in the Necessary War (1895-1898). He was the only one of that triad of independentist leaders who survived that bloody war.

In his lecture, Gerónimo outlined Gómez’ s participation in the plot against the invasion of Santo Domingo by Haiti in 1855, but it was his participation in the Cuban struggles against the Spanish colonial domination in which ‘Máximo Gómez enters the forge of a glorious desteny emphasized the diplomat.


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