“Those who teach making radio … are the listeners”

From that 1995 until now, it has mediated a world. Today, Yamil Sánchez Aguilar (Mayarí Arriba, August 7, 1975), graduated in Social Communication and radio man (speaker, sound director, program director), is a recognized figure of the territory and beyond.

In 2016, he has won the Grand Prix of the Radio Festival in Santiago de Cuba with the program “The most even fight”. The hat and the cap carry a controversy. It is not weird. Yamil has carved a will of style that lead to the original story, the transparent way of telling it and the technical-artistic excellence.

This is demonstrated by his daily work. And, of course, awards received at the National Radio Festivals, the National Young Radio Contest Antonio Lloga In Memoriam, here and there, with such incredible proposals as “Back to life” (about a difficult pregnancy), ” The doctor of the palms “(the singular life of a man healing our national tree), or” Metamorphosis “(pollution of the Mayarí River)

Radio 8-SF, founded on March 8, 1978, inherited the same name from an amateur radio station that operated in the area of the Second Frank País García Eastern Front. Nobody better than him to open our doors.

“This radio station has respected the mission of reflecting the happenings of its listeners, peasant families who saw in the radio a light of information, fun and orientation in the silence of the mountains. This tradition was rooted in a solid way. For those who radio here , It means an infinite pleasure to link two points distant from the territory, the same for a message of congratulation or for a last minute message.

“Nowadays it is necessary to make magic to go to the most remote communities, but it is arrived at thanks to the fact that the same journalists are mounted on a tractor or on the back of a mule. And when a program sounds the laughter of the woman, the trill of the birds, the noise of the carts or the call of the farmer to his animals, is then when we see the effort of that day materialized.

“Maybe I’m talking nonsense, but … those who teach maklng radio are those who do not make the radio: the listeners, those who, with a simple gesture, turn the device on or off. The guajira people are very frank and direct, to use their phrases: they sing the truth to the whitest of the pigeons “.

Since he started on the radio, he was advised to learn everything. And on that path he has walked with a long step. Every night at bedtime, he leaves the radio on, it’s his amulet. Even his son has taken up the habit. The closest ones know that he suffers a lot with the medium, but it is a sweet torture.

“Many people wonder how I only do one program, from conception to editing. Sometimes I look like a madman in the corridors of the station, running to and fro. I lock myself in and put on the recording, I already know the equalization of my voice, I turn around and I record, then I come and check everything, it is not easy.

“Of course, in my working years I have put together a very fruitful tandem with an outstanding director: Octavio Oliva López, Tavito. Most of the programs for which I have been awarded have our seal. The facts, humanize them, enhance the work of those men and women. “

“We have searched the local history and contributed our grain to the popular knowledge. And when it comes to recording the testimonies in the communities, editing them on the studio, taking the voices or musicalizing a program … you can listen to unimaginable debates and heated discussions “.

Yamil Sánchez Aguilar is not seen in another station. From this beautiful landscape, from this challenging spot of Cuban geography, he has tried to touch the world. And he is showing the heartbeat of the sierra, to everyone who wants to hear it.

“I experience a great spiritual delight when I interact with the listeners. I am a pure strain of guajiro and I try to make my programs: with the same simplicity and familiarity of the people who have seen me grow from all angles. And all this jn the municipal radio station Radio 8-SF, in the people of the Second Front”.


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