Cuban scientist recognized by New York Academy of Sciences

This year, the New York Academy of Sciences named him Ambassador for the bicentennial of the institution, third oldest scientific society in the United States.

He is currently Director of Environmental Engineering and Water Resources and General Director of the Ecuador Branch of Gamma S.A. Investing and since 1969 he designed, advised and conducted explorations, researches and 460 specialized studies in 43 countries, she added.

Rodríguez Marí stated that Molerio León has been an expert, reviewer, consultant or investigator in research projects or technical assistance, sponsored by international agencies of the UN system, including the International Hydrological and International Geological Correlation programs, both under UNESCO.

With regard to teaching, he taught pre-graduate and postgraduate courses and lectures in a considerable number of universities and institutions of several nations, as well as contributed to the training of doctoral and master theses.

He has won numerous awards and decorations, such as the National Prize of the Cuban Academy of Sciences by the results of scientific research, as co-author of a research on the paleoclimate of the Cuban Quaternary period.

The Havana branch of the Cuban Geology Society congratulated Molerio León and announced he will receive an Official Certificate as Bicentennial Ambassador, personally signed by Ellis Rubinstein, president of the American institution.


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