Trump for More US. Nuclear Power

That was said in an interview granted to the Reuters´s news agency and the spokesperson Sean Spicer added that they do not want to lose its nuclear supremacy to any other one.

The spokesperson Sean Spicer stated that the question from the interview carried out to Trump was about the size of the nuclear arsenals from other nations and the president’s answer was to make clear the continuity of the U.S. Supremacy worldwide and the fact that they would not keep sat down motionless while other nations were increasing their nuclear stockpiles.

In that same interview, Trump was asked about the new START (Strategic Weapons Treaty) that forces nations like the United States and Russia to limit their nuclear stockpile of which its renewal is scheduled to the year 2018. He regretted the idea about what he called as the wrong agreement made by his nation.

The Telesur network channel reminds that the United States and Russia are the nuclear powers with the highest number of warheads, followed by other nations such as the United Kingdom, France and China. The age of the U.S. arsenal that is used through intercontinental nuclear missiles, submarines and bombers has caused a debate about the needs of that modernization.

The administration of the previous president, Barack Obama, committed to invest in modernizing its nuclear stockpiles, while the current Defense secretary, James Mattis, even enabled the possibility about dismantling the intercontinental missiles´ nuclear warheads to avoid accidents.
Trump is now the owner of the reinforced suitcase that contains the instructions which enable the U.S. president to authorize a massive nuclear attack from any place of the world.

It should not be forgotten that Donald Trump has the last word to authorize or not the use of nuclear weapons against another nation.

The numbers contained in a device that is similar to a token one, which are updated every now and then, are the necessary ones for the president Trump to authorize an attack of this kind.

Apart from the golden codes, there are also two books inside that suitcase: one of them explains the kind of nuclear attacks that can be carried out and the other one contains a list of safe places so that the president of the most powerful nation in the world might find a fallout shelter.

That suitcase is carried by the military men who accompany the president everywhere and it is always at a three-meter distance from the U.S. president and that is to say that he could activate the codes at any moment.

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