Photovoltaic panels provide electricity to Cuban homes in the mountains

Jesus Rey Perez, director of Cienfuegos Electric Company, told ACN that the solar panel modules have capacity to generate 250 watts, and to supply two 12 volt batteries.

So, five lamps with fluorescent tubes, one radio, audio equipment and an LED technology TV set can be used inside each home, he said.

He noted that last year they installed this equipment in 297 houses of all southern municipalities, mostly in the Turquino and Cumanayagua mountains.

When the investment is completed, more than 650 homes will be electrified in remote places where it is impossible to cover with the national electricity system, the executive stated.

Alfredo Castro, director of Operations of that entity, said that with these actions, the province completes one hundred percent of the electrification of its dwellings.

Producing each of this equipment costs a thousand dollars, although the beneficiary families only pay 10 Cuban pesos as a monthly fee per service contract, he added.

The use of sunlight within renewable energy sources is expanded in this way in Cienfuegos, where several photovoltaic parks already generate more than 11 megawatt/hour.



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