Diaz-Canel recognizes transcendental contribution of Cuban science in battle against COVID-19

The six consecutive days without deaths, he noted, in addition to a reduction in the number of critically and seriously ill patients, with more and more people leaving these conditions and fewer entering them, “is undoubtedly the result of clinical trials and research that you have been systematically explaining, which gives us assurance in what we are achieving. “
Diaz-Canel also referred to the normality that the country should go through little by little, “which is not going to be as normal as before, because there are things that we have to maintain as rules of life for the future and others that we must conceive differently”.
He stressed that we have to go back to normal recognizing that there are going to be sick people, but surely not to have a fresh outbreak. There would be the solidity of what we have done, he commented, not only in what we have gone through, but in what we´ll do in the future.
Regarding the Cuban vaccine candidate under investigation, he pointed out that “even if there are vaccines from other countries, we need ours, to have sovereignty.”
If achieving it, this would round off the feat that has been done, said the Head of State, who then underlined the pride that we Cubans can feel in everything our scientists have done.
Diaz-Canel was also informed on the application of the preventive vaccine VA-MENGOC-BC in 17,000 people residing in the most affected areas of Havana, including 4,000 primary health care workers. This vaccine, although not specific for COVID-19, is proven to strengthen the immune system.
Previously, the Cuban President also visited the headquarters of the Electronics Group, where he learned about some of the developments made by the national industry to support the confrontation with the pandemic, including the prototype of a lung ventilator that after its validation can be used in intensive care units, as well as white coats, protective masks and equipment for disinfection from the use of ultraviolet light.

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