Regular peace reigns in Cuba

Institutions, hospitals, markets, shops and private businesses opened their doors as usual today.

There is peace in Cuba despite campaign of hatred and lies typical of media terrorism hype, said Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Wednesday.

Díaz-Canel claimed the Cuban people act with courage and with no fear to confront the July 11th destabilization plans.

We call for harmony, unity, responsibility, solidarity and love, he pointed out, in the face of the campaign of lies that includes threats, defamations and instigations to murder orchestrated from social networks.

In the meeting, it was reported that over 7,600,000 Soberana 02, Soberana Plus and Abdala vaccine doeses have been applied; 17% of Cuban people completed the vaccination scheme, while 23.4% has received two doses, and 27.5% has just began treatment.

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero assured that the Cuban people will be vaccinated before the end of 2021.

Marrero pointed out that 60% of the country’s inhabitants will be immunized in August, and 80% will start the vaccination scheme by using national drugs.

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