Cuban legal regulation for more relevance to telecommunications

This was confirmed by Regulations Director at the Ministry of Commnunications (MINCOM), Wilfredo Lopez, who said that this sector requires more relevance due to its transversality in each social process.

‘Having effective laws for their regulation will allow greater coherence and structuring of the existing framework. This is the first high-rank one passed in our country on telecommunications services, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the use of the radio spectrum,’ he pointed out.

The resolutions that come with this decree address issues such as numbering, naming, addressing and identification resources used in telecommunications networks and services.

As well as radio frequency bands, rules and other regulations on different types of telecommunications networks, services, equipment and technologies.

One of the most novel aspects, Lopez said at a press conference, is that the regulation addresses the Universal Telecommunications Service (UTS), which is a set of telecommunications, ICT and communication facilities whose provision is a right for all users regardless of their geographical location, with a determined price and quality.

According to the regulation, the UTS includes landline and land mobile cellular telephone services, radio and television broadcasting, Internet access, public telephone booths and stations.


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