Armed Forces support the daily transportation of medical oxygen from Santiago de Cuba to #Holguin

These actions, under a program approved by the country’s highest government authorities as part of the measures to reduce the pandemic indexes, began to be extended as of the 13th and since then this daily supply between Santiago de Cuba and Holguin has remained stable, which has made it possible to cover to a certain extent the deficits of medical oxygen in the hospital facilities and isolation centers set up for the treatment of patients infected with the disease.

The Armed Forces use helicopters to transport the oxygen cylinders.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Torné, head of the political organism of a large unit of the Eastern Army, emphasized to the press that in the six days since the beginning of these operations between Santiago de Cuba and Holguín it has been possible to increase the availability of oxygen in health centers as one of the deficient resources for the medical treatment of patients with COVID-19.

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