Your weekly summary to 16-21 august

On his official Twitter account, the president wrote that ‘in these hard times, as in others for many years, our health personnel are saving lives there.’ 

In the same way, he stressed that the more than 200 collaborators from the Cuban Medical Brigade on Haitian territory are doing well and helping as much as possible. 

Cuban Foreign Minister rejects US involvement in Afghan conflict 

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez assured that the United States has no right to govern the destiny of Afghanistan or of any sovereign country. 

Regarding the withdrawal of North American troops from the Central Asian nation, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that 20 years with thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in expenses had to pass to confirm that the United States has no right to rule the destiny of Afghanistan or of any sovereign country, he rejected. 

According to official figures, about 2,500 US soldiers remained in Afghanistan when Joe Biden took office last January. 

Cuban President recognizes country’s progress against misinformation

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel acknowledged the country’s progress in the fight against disinformation and fake news in virtual spaces with the entry into force of Decree-Law 35.

‘It is said by #SovereignCuba and confirmed by honest experts anywhere in the world: our DecreeLaw35 goes against misinformation and cyber lies,’ the president wrote on his official Twitter account. 

Along with his message, the head of state shared an analysis by Spanish researcher Carlos Gonzalez that warns about the campaign #No To Decree Law35 to attack the right to communicate or receive truthful information. 

Cuba has now a new legal framework on telecommunications, aimed to guarantee, through the management of cyber-security incidents, the prevention, detection and timely response to possible criminal and harmful activities that may occur in the virtual space. 

Cuba focuses on the communities 

Cuba is turning its gaze today to the communities, in an effort to promote greater attention to vulnerable sectors, as defined on July 17 by the country’s president, Miguel Díaz-Canel. 

This week the Cuban head of state presided a meeting to analyze the work experiences accumulated in dealing with 62 Havana neighborhoods with the said characteristics, to which activity have been involved enterprises, government management entities, and political, students and grass organizations.

The need to accompany the actions that solve material problems with greater social prevention work was one of the calls of the Head of State during the exchange, where he also insisted on the use of the different social investigations that exist. 

Facing and eliminating the separation of young people from study and work, as well as supporting single mothers to get into working life, are just two edges of the multiple phenomena that occur in communities and that require daily commitment, he pointed.

Cuba to vaccinate against Covid-19 around 1,000,000 more next week

Around 1million ,000,000 more people in Cuba will receive next week at least one dose of the vaccine candidates or Abdala vaccine against Covid-19, healthcare authorities confirmed on Wednesday. 

In order to reach that number of vaccinated people, another 22 municipalities throughout the country will be incorporated to the process of mass immunization against Covid-19, Martinez explained. 

In sum, up to August 16, 12, 225 , 378 doses of both Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus candidates and Abdala vaccine have been administered in Cuba, while  some 3 ,47 ,933 Cubans have already been fully immunized for  a 27.1 percent of the country’s entire population .

Cuba promotes cooperation with Eurasian bloc

Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero reiterated his country’s commitment to strengthen the economic, commercial, financial and cooperation ties with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). 

Addressing by video message the meeting of the Intergovernmental Council of the Union in the Kyrgyz city of Cholpon-Ata, the head of the Executive said that Cuba considers relevant   Cuba-Eurasia inter-sector exchanges and the strengthening of the joint work in areas of common interest. 
He ratified Havana’s interest in achieving the active participation of Eurasian businessmen in investment projects in the country, increasing and diversifying exports of goods and services. 

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez rejected the recent U.S. sanctions

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez rejected the recent U.S. sanctions against high-ranking officials of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Interior Ministry.

According to the Foreign Minister, the U.S. government lacks moral authority for these penalties.

The Treasury Department announced on Thursday the inclusion in its list of restrictions to Roberto Legra, second chief of the General Staff and head of the Directorate of Operations of the FAR; Andres Laureano Gonzalez, chief of the Central Army; and Abelardo Jimenez, head of the Directorate of Penitentiary Establishments. 

This is the fourth occasion in which Joe Biden’s administration has issued such provisions after the riots. 


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