FIHAV 2013: news and premature results

Actually rather intense six days Expocuba , which strengthened the economic and trade relations of the island with dozens of nations , including Venezuela , Russia , Spain , Brazil and Canada , its main partners , and analyzed the new opportunities of updating the Cuban economic model .

From the extensive information provided in the field of FIHAV 2013, on incentives and benefits to investing in Special Development Zone Mariel ( ZEDM ) , was shown a marked interest of representatives of firms and foreign companies to invest in the ambitious project , located 45 kilometers west of Havana and the first stage will be opened  next January.

Specifically , businessmen  in Russia, China , Vietnam , Germany , Spain , Japan , Mexico and Brazil have shown interest in investing there , told the media Ana Teresa Igarza, director of the Office of the ZEDM , responsible for managing the strategic enclave engine destined to become the Cuban economy and its port, one of the most important in the region.

And although it is too early to make an assessment in this regard, it can be argued that this is another of the positive results of the multi bag , considered among the largest and most comprehensive in Latin America and the Caribbean , not to mention that the first success of the XXXI edition was in the record number of participants of the last 11 years almost one thousand 500 institutions from 65 countries , forcing expand areas of exposure.

The signature of an economic complementation agreement between Cuba and Venezuela, led to the gradual elimination of duties, a move that will increase the exchange of products and services and the interest of China to strengthen trade ties with the Caribbean nation, which came to a thousand 400 million dollars in the first eight months of 2013, are among the significant innovations of the fair .

So was the presentation of the newly created Ministry of Industry (MINDUS) and Energy and Mines (MEM) , through its corporate governance higher organisms ( OSDE ) and others.

As noted by this reporter and business officials from several nations, is FIHAV the best opportunity to promote products , share not only the distributors but with producers, and updated about the potential of goods and services available in order to export , and the new measures and legislation in place in Cuba and other countries .

In addition to the above, during these forums usually shake cooperative relations with trading partners.

Following a tour of the wards of Mexico , Brazil, Venezuela and Russia , Ricardo Cabrisas , vice president of the Council of Ministers , said that trade in Cuba is increasing steadily and today are broad prospects for further growth with other nations , mainly the region.

But there is no doubt that the XXXI International Fair of Havana will give a significant boost to this supreme aspiration, when the result of all the effort now developed by state officials and the Government, experts and businessmen, within a year, how much advanced report, concretely, in terms of exports and import substitution, which are the first results of the Special Development Zone of Mariel, and how it impacts on the country’s development, and the life quality of Cubans.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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