José Martí, precursor of CELAC

Gradually Latin American and Caribbean nations are finding unity in diversity; CELAC and has its constitution and plan of action, and it is expected that in the coming days in Havana can be checked what progress has been made in recent months, with the presidency of Cuba, and new goals for the future are drawn.
The way driving CELAC, by a troika, which was extended in the presence of Haiti, the country most needed in the sub region, ensures continuity and transparency of the democratic government of this new organization, characterized by Fidel Castro as the most important institution achieved in the last century by the countries of Our America.
Cuba ends its one-year term as president in late January , delivery driving Costa Rica , but remains in the ruling troika , which before was Chile, and now enter Ecuador , whose president, Rafael Correa , will assume leadership in 2015.
And it was precisely the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño, who a few days ago in Quito said the CELAC, which do not belong to the United States or Canada, will be the replacement for the very historical questioned Organization of American States, which is based in Washington and has always been handled by the U.S Empire.

The Second Summit in Havana, on 161 days of the birth of Jose Marti, Cuban national hero also remember, that was without a doubt, as successor of Simon Bolivar, the precursor of the CELAC, for his great contribution by defining as Our America, of all nations south of the Rio Grande to Patagonia and without the presence of the ” brutal and turbulent North which despises us ” as warned in his memorable political essays on the identity of our people.

Translated by:  Daysi Olano


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