By Rene Gonzalez Dussa: Over 40 years devoted to radio

Quite literally, this interview was done alone. René is an extremely talkative person, something that should be sure their regular listeners. For this reason, the Portal of the Cuban Radio transcribed for nationwide conversation we had in the first person. Happy Birthday, René.

“I am René González Dussa , presenter of Radio Cadena Habana , and work in this station from the 70s. I come from a Base Radio, in the old Central Los Reinaldos, where I was the founder of the amateur movement. This station was a former barracks opposite the town park, and had two side speakers and amplifier equipment.

”On one occasion an artistic brigade arrived at Guantanamo , he heard me , saw me act , liked it, and was told that members of the Trio Martinez had a radio station in the  CMKS Trinchera Antimperialista.

“Indeed, on one occasion I received a telegram I sent to search for an exam. That review made by deceased announcer  Armando Norge Martinez, the famous announcer of CMKS at that time. I did it, and when I finished, the station manager at the time, Iran Bosh, he asked if I had Armando conditions. I had to read a text, I do not remember if I was a Granma newspaper, but apparently I did well.

On one occasion came a former announcer of Radio Liberacion at Guantanamo, because I had heard from a cart, and asked who that voice was. I met him, talked to him and told me that Havana would give a course of speech, that if I was interested. I said yes.

“Once here in Havana I was introduced to Eduardo Rosillo , who is a native of La Maya, my people . Indeed knew my family, and from that moment Eduardo became my mentor. People started telling me Rosillito .

“In Radio Cadena I have worked in almost all programs. One of the most important things that have been part of these years was the founding of the Province of Havana in 1976, when the Administrative Political Division was Cuba. At this time Radio Cadena was the matrix of the network of local stations that disappeared province floor.

“I have had the opportunity to represent the Cuban Radio on two shortwave stations in the world. In the period from 1988 to 1990 I worked on the program in Spanish National Radio of Angola as part of the military and civilian collaboration that occurred in those years between Cuba and Angola.

“In 1991 I was sent by the Cuban Radio to cooperate with Moscow Radio International. There I reinforced the work with others as Manolo de la Rosa and his wife Malena Negrin in Latin American Writing, until 1992. During this time in Moscow I had the opportunity to inform the world, alongside Malena the breakup of the Soviet Union, at the time with prisoner Mikhail Gorbachev and on his way to the Republic to inform his resignation.

“Over the years Radio Cadena Habana I have been fortunate to work on several great popular programs like program Musicales Habana, varied magazine begins at 1:00 pm and ends at 5:00 pm. In this space, the public participates lot from correspondence and phone calls.

“Recordando also do , which is dedicated to the music of yesterday and the 50 to 80 , and about which is followed by the audience.

“Saturdays also performed another space called Te traigo bring on the Son and its variants. Then in the afternoon we have another called Danzon Cuba, on the rescue as the national dance of Danzon .

“Also Saturday, 6 to 7 am I one that opens the programming of the station, whose name is Clasicos Vivos , dedicated to highlight the composers of Cuba .

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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