Fidel, radio and journalism

That memorable speech from the historic leader of the Revolution from La Plata, like previous addresses via Radio Rebelde in the Sierra Maestra, denoted the importance Fidel has always given to the radio, for its value and scope.

When, under the guidance of the Commander in Chief, the heroic guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara founded Rebel Radio, on February 24, 1958, we can say that Cubans have had since then their own true radio, that belied one by one the fallacies and slanders of the tyranny and its spokesmen. Radio Rebelde debuted at birth as the voice of the Revolution and its leaders.

After reaching victory in the War of Liberation, every meeting between Fidel and his people had continued to be echoed on the Cuban Radio. The important medium beginning a new stage in which the information is put definitively at the service of the people, not like the manipulative and commercial media.

The historic leader of the Revolution was always sensitive to the importance of the radio. Along with this, and from much earlier, showed and is still showing his respect and passion for revolutionary journalism.

Surely we can now say that Fidel, as well as being a revolutionary and thinker, is a journalist par excellence, the attorney by profession revealed that in 1952 in his articles published in “Alerta”, denouncing the corruption of the Carlos Prio Socarras government; later in “La Calle “, after leaving the prison on the Isle of Youth, published the Manifesto to the People of Cuba by Fidel Castro and combatants.

Each article published by him since, through his speeches, and counsels to his present thoughts and articles, show a depth of analysis, monumental examples of the best investigative journalism.

In these turbulent times of the 21st century there is no matter that escapes the study and investigation of Fidel. Politics, history, science, technology, environment and humanistic issues generally appear in his publications explaining the history, realities and possible consequences of each event that marks the world today.

On his birthday today, as always, we commend all his greatness. Fidel is not only historic leader of the Cuban Revolution and the entire world revolutionary movement, but also a man of eminence as a thinker and counselor of the people, a gift also grown by radio and journalism. A fruitful life dedicated to the good of the country.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

Revised by ESTI


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