Radio Progreso 86 years with the Cuban family


In an attempt to remember boundless milestones in the work of progress, it is worth mentioning that the voices of the most important artists, storytellers, journalists and broadcasters have been heard by the radio frequency, and the quality of its transmissions, when all programming is made Live, it has been indelibly in the history of the Cuban Radio.

Presentations are unforgettable King of Rhythm, Benny Moré and his big band in the studio that bears his name, they are still remembered novels that stirred up and continue today conquering the preference of listeners all across the country, and without being chauvinistic, beyond our seas.

Progress, born with the mark of the music programs, was the home of the Orquesta Aragon in the 50s, had in their further studies, between 1961 and 1963, orchestras led by teachers Rodrigo Prats, Adolfo Guzmán and Mario Romeu, as proof that Cuban music has always been present in the programming of this station.

They have been through the cabin of this important personality of our national radio and Alberto Luberta founder Cheers Desktop, National Prize of Radio and National Prize of Humor, and Julio Batista, storyteller, actor and journalist plant, who has held since 1990 the “Our José Martí”. program It is also worth mentioning the large and Carmen Solar, Manuel Andres Mazorra, Aurora Basnuevo, Ivan Perez Dominguez Sosa, Guille Vilar, and Lilia Rosa Lopez.

Many of its programs have already made history in the Cuban Radio, after decades of staying in the air. This applies to areas such as “Desktop Cheers,” “For our fields and cities,” “popular disco”, “Disco yesterday” “The novel of the two”, “Night” and “Youth 2000”, all these programs with a strong responsibility and cultural content in their messages for years.

The most important thing is that the wave of Joy is not an octogenarian who has been to the old. It is on par with their time. For many traditional for its extensive program, but the taste goes with the times we live in. Full arrives Tuesday at age 86, and passion remains with the Cuban family.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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