A Mozart violin to sound in Cuba during the visit of Austrian President

As part of the support for this project, in autumn last year the first international festival of Mozart in Havana took place.

The foundation told Efe that is an opportunity for young Cuban musicians can enjoy the sound of an instrument that Mozart himself played.

This historic violin, created in 1764 in Italy by Pietro Antonio Dalla Costa, you can see in the house-museum of Mozart in Salzburg.

The president of the Mozarteum Foundation, John Honsig-Erlenburg that accompany Fischer to Cuba, is excited by the fact that the instrument sound for the first time in Latin America.

“This applies not only to the basic mission of the Mozarteum Foundation to bring the heritage of Mozart worldwide, but is also an example of special cultural links Austria with Cuban music,” said Honsing-Erlenburg in a statement.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of continuous diplomatic relations between Austria and Cuba, but according Paschinger “the historical ties between our two countries date back to the time of Mozart”.


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