Venezuela gave me the opportunity to love

Although she confessinged that adjusting to that totally new life was a bit difficult, she remembers all the good experiences she had there, as a doctor and also in her personal life.

“It was all new, as if I were born again at that moment, I had to think at every moment if I had made the right decision, leaving the family behind. There are many things that come to your mind, but as we say you get adapted to everything.

“I started there only after a few months of graduating and so when I arrived I felt a little afraid, like the one we all feel when we start to work, but over time the fears were disappeared and I grew as a doctor when knowing each day new cases, new pathologies.

“After some months, I thought I was home; The Venezuelans were very hospitable and welcomed me as one more daughter.

“Cases of shot, serious wounds, infections, children with serious diseases despite their youth, all this came to my therapy and I had to face it as hard as it was because that was my job.

“There are many anecdotes I could tell but definitely the most exciting thing about this experience is to have met love. My partner (who at first was not), was also working there as a doctor and we met, we worked together and as days passed we fell in love.

“Upon arriving in Cuba in 2015, we decided to formalize our love relationship and create a home, very close to the arrival of a daughter born from that love and I feel very fulfilled and happy for it.

I left the comfort of the family behind to go to help those who needed it, but Venezuela gave me the opportunity to love and be loved, from there I brought all the affection of those who helped me, new friends, new experiences, then i left behind another home back in Venezuela.”

Lisbet today is comfortable in the heat of her home and is resident in the specialty of anesthesia in the general teaching hospital Abel Santamaría Cuadrado of the city of Pinar del Rio, but she reveals that before any call of the Revolution she will always say yes, because “I was formed to help all those who need a Cuban doctor under any circumstances.”


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