Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Highlights CELAC’s Sovereign Response

In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina News Agency and TeleSur, Rodriguez highlighted the independent analysis of the regional block on the current threats against Venezuela and right wing attempts to oust constitutionally elected President Nicolas Maduro.

“It has been an excellent debate, fortunately this entity is totally different from the Organization of American States (OAS)”, said the top Cuban diplomat regarding the so-called US Ministry of Colonies.

He recalled that CELAC embodies to the genuine Latin American and Caribbean spirit, with its own voice and thinking and does not have the need to analyze its affairs with Washington or the OAS whose interference goes against the sovereign principals of self-determination.

“In the exercise of our proclamation as a zone of peace, CELAC is a space of absolute sovereignty, unity and diverse:, said Rodriguez who was one of the speakers on Tuesday morning during the Ministerial extraordinary meeting called by Venezuela. 

He added that the event was held in an atmosphere of responsibility, regional agreement and support to Venezuela and although it is not on the agenda, an eventual declaration might come out of the meeting on the current situation in the South American nation.

The Cuban Foreign Minister believes that the call to dialog by Pope Francisco and President Maduro’s request for a Constitutional Assembly opens the way to another negotiation process for a political solution to the current situation and a regional condemnation to violence.



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