ALBA-TCP Ministers of Culture and Tourism approve work agenda for post-pandemic period

The executive secretary of the Alliance, Sacha Llorenti, read the minutes with several agreements that were approved by the member states to promote culture and tourism in the region.

Among the points is to promote cooperation between civil aeronautics authorities, state and private airlines, leading to the strengthening of air connectivity in the region; to advance in the coordination for the development of multi-destination activities; to contribute to training and education for the sustainable development of the sector, improving quality and competitiveness in the area.

Among the topics approved were: “To promote actions for the standardization of entry requirements and biosecurity measures implemented in the movement of people with a view to normalizing the arrival of foreign tourists in the region within a coordinated environment; to advance in the creation of a biannual work plan for the consolidation of the medium and long term vision of the tourism sector in the member countries”, among others.

Previously, Llorenti clarified that the Covid-19 situation, which has presented several challenges for the States, has been used “as a weapon against our peoples through the so-called unilateral coercive measures, among others”.

“We are here to talk about the expansion of cooperation in the field of culture, about integration and recognition of our ancestral values, the principles of indigenous peoples, mechanisms of cooperation and exchange of information, the defense of our identities,” he emphasized.

Llorenti said: “In the midst of adverse circumstances, ALBA-TCP emerges as a new form of union among our peoples, placing humanity at the center of its strategic agenda, offering the opportunity to unite our potentialities and complementarities in terms of exchange and cultural economy.”


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